Mutual domination

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Description: Ninja Approved 1 is a 10 minute long spanking session between Ninja and Trouble. It is their first video together and documents Ninja's dominant hand as he bends Trouble over his lap and lays a series of hard slaps on her ass and plays with her. Ninja Approved 2 documents a very sexy and teasing encounter between Ninja and Trouble in the bath as Trouble allows Ninja to shave her hairy bush, a real and intimate demonstration of trust and openness between a couple exploring their relationship. Finally, Trouble?s Tape is an erotic 8 minutes of dom/sub amateur bondage and switch series. It begins with Trouble teasing and spanking Ninja and then switches to reveal Ninja tying up Trouble and having his way with her. Includes spanking, face sitting, and foot play. Featuring music by The Terror it will be unlike any amateur porn you've seen before. Beautiful, sexy, and
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Models: Ninja