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Description: Oh, the joys of being in college! When this Crazy College GFs video started out, we saw a super sexy, redhead, college chick walking through a library. It seemed her boyfriend was getting grabby while filming her, so she offered a truce. If he turned off the camera, she'd flash him. Lucky for us, he didn't. Because we got a great view of those perfect teen tits. But once the naughtiness was unleashed, there was no turning back. Somehow, Emma's BF convinced her to give him a blow job right there in the university library with people just over in the other aisle. Right there, among Hemingway and Steinbeck, Emma dropped to her knees and took that dick down her throat. And even though there were a couple close calls, this couple took it even further and had sex in the middle of the bookshelves. To stay incognito, Emma's BF
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